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I'm from Afghanistan, and I studied computer science at university in my country. I'm 26 years old and single, I live with my mother and father in Indonesia. I like to make people happy with anything I can do. I want to learn to design new clothes and sew them very professional. In the future, I aspire to achieve a calm and blissful life.

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Why do you like to come to training centre to learn to sew? 

As a refugee, I have no other choice but to go to the training centre and learn how to sew and work for a company in order to get a source of income.


Share a story of you in the community?

I don’t have a specific story but of course, besides learning new skills, I am having fun too.


What do you feel when your products is used by others?

 I feel very good and proud whenever I learn something and make good use of those skills which can be both beneficial to me and help others. Thank you!