I'm from Afghanistan and I'm 32 years old. I'm married and live with my husband and my three children. My son has autism. I couldn't study at my country because we had no opportunity to study to learn and I'm happy now because I'm able to learn new skill. I want to learn to make T-shirt and and dress. I want to to have peaceful life with full of joy.

Why do you like to come to training centre to learn to sew? 

To get away from stress and depression for a few hours and to learn to sew new skills and gain more experience, and it helps me financially as well 


Share a story of you in the community?

Being in this community is always fun.


What do you feel when your products is used by others?

When I see my products are used by others and they are satisfied with my products, I feel happy and proud of myself, and this gives me a lot of positive energy, and in the end I appreciate all of you. Thank you!