Restoring purpose and dignity through each product

We share stories and life tales through our pieces.
We share because we care.
And we care because we love it.


Because fashion for us are the people, the earth and the craft.
Through every staple piece, there is intention.
And through every craft, there is purpose.

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There is strength in sisterhood.

Growth, creativity, and compassion

thrive in a community. Each purchase

will go towards keeping our House of Freedom for  women to feel safe,

heard, and dignified.


Caring for the people and the planet

are responsibilities of all mankind we

take seriously. We commit to provide

eco-friendly alternatives in the second-largest waste contributor industry, the fashion world. Read more about our sustainable effort.


Intentional relationship is at the heart of every processs.  We are here because we want to provide meaningful interaction and work for women to come together to our home to gather and create.

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